Get more for your money with a QuickBrite wash!


Join our app to claim your BRITE-EST wash for just $3 (regularly priced at $18) in the deals/promos section. This is our premier wash and always includes a ceramic seal.


Our wash clubs allow up to two washes per day – even if you bring two different cars! Packages start at just $19.99. Join a QuickBrite wash club today for the best wash in town at the best price.

QuickBrite offers a unique combination of services and amenities for vehicle owners on Cleveland’s West side.

  • Two wash technologies – touchless and soft-touch
  • Open 24/7.
  • All vehicles are dried not once, but twice
  • Ceramic seal always included in our BRITE-EST package, at no extra charge
  • Wash clubs that allow two washes per day, even if you bring two different cars
  • Two-station bays – one car can be washing, while another dries simultaneously
  • Duallys and rear hitches welcome in the touchless bay
  • FREE vacuums
  • QuickBrite mobile device app for fast, easy access to wash clubs and other features, with no need for windshield RFID stickers
  • Locally owned and operated, with proprietors that are easy to access and care about customer satisfaction